Gum Disease

Gum Disease South Beloit IL

Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment Options

One of the most important reasons to keep up with your oral health and continue good hygiene habits is to prevent your mouth from becoming infected with gum disease. However, nearly 75 percent of American adults are affected by this progressive condition due to lack of knowledge, fear of the dentist or improp er home care. Our goal is to catch and perform gum disease treatment before it spreads or develops into advanced periodontitis, an incurable condition that can cause tissue and tooth loss.

Gum Disease South Beloit IL

Scaling and Roots Planing

The first option for gum disease treatment, our doctors will use ultra-small tools to access the area below the gumline. We can then scrape away plaque, tartar and bacteria buildup that is gathering around the tooth roots.

Laser Therapy

A minimally invasive form of gum disease treatment, laser therapy uses gentle laser light to disintegrate disease while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Many patients prefer this method because there is no cutting or sutures involved and the procedure can often be performed quickly.


This is an antibiotic gum disease treatment that is added to the gum pockets to reduce how deep they are, which minimizes the location for bacteria to thrive. Commonly, Arrestin is used in conjunction with scaling and root planing and periodontal maintenance gum disease treatment

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance – After gum disease treatment has cleansed the mouth of disease, many patients require follow-up care to ensure the disease does not return. Periodontal maintenance involves scaling and root planing treatment as well as a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. We recommend periodontal maintenance occur every three months for optimal results.

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